The Airline Luggage Recovery Service is a unique service offered by B2B Logistics where we use our courier services and networks to deliver delayed luggage to passengers. From our offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp, the Airline Recovery Service is mostly used by airlines and luggage handling companies who have to deliver delayed luggage to passengers. We are currently planning to offer this service at several other airports in the Netherlands, such as Eindhoven and Lelystad. At the moment, the Airline Luggage Recovery Service is mostly offered in the Dutch market. Shipments are delivered on the same day or at a date and time specified by you. What may be shipped? The Airline Luggage Recovery Service only delivers goods which were carried in the plane’s cargo hold. The Airline Luggage Recovery Service offered by B2B Logistics ‘makes life easier for you’. We take care of your luggage delivery. B2B Logistics gives you the following advantages: We have couriers stationed around Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Antwerp Airport (Deurne). This allows us to have a vehicle ready for you at these airports generally within 20 minutes to deliver the luggage for you to the passengers as quickly as possible. We always maintain physical control of the shipments and therefore provide a positive contribution to your customer satisfaction. We take care of the delivery arrangements, the luggage delivery and reporting. We ensure secure delivery by keeping an eye on your shipment at all times right up to the point of delivery. We offer reliability through direct delivery or secure storage in case of next-day delivery. Airline Luggage Recovery is a service offered by B2B Logistics to luggage handling companies and airlines. For advice or more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.  
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