B2B Logistics transports goods to national and international destinations. We transport virtually anything, including legal documents, European tenders, notarial deeds, USB stick(s), envelopes, medicines, fashion related goods, spare parts, luggage and parcels. In order to book a courier with B2B Logistics, we need the following information: • Pick-up address, including contact person. • Delivery address, including contact person. • Time when the shipment is ready for shipment. • The desired delivery date and time. • Dimensions and weight of the shipment. • Nature of the goods. • Any other requirements and preferences.
Express delivery of your shipment? With pick-up and delivery times that are flexible and suit your schedule? We will happily take care of it for you. For fast delivery of your documents and parcels within the Benelux, you can use the courier services of B2B Logistics. A super-fast service where your shipment is collected within 30 minutes and delivered directly to its destination. If you have a shipment which has to be delivered (daily) to a set schedule, our Shuttle Service is perfect for you. Because of the agreed fixed price, you always know exactly where you stand.
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© all rights reserved by B2B Logistics 2016  B2B Logistics provides its national transport services in accordance with the Algemene Vervoerscondities 2002 (AVC, Transport Terms and Conditions 2002), latest version. For international transport, the CMR treaty also applies. In addition, the Algemene Voorwaarden voor Koeriersdiensten (AVK, General Terms and Conditions for Courier Services) also apply to all transport.