B2B Logistics provides a specialist service in the field of dangerous goods. Whether transport by air, road, rail or sea, B2B Logistics serves customers worldwide and we have differentiated ourselves strongly in the market thanks to our expertise and experience across all classes of dangerous goods. Using specialist handling agents in locations around major strategic logistics areas, B2B Logistics offers a wide range of services: packing, documentation, labelling, repacking, classification and storage of dangerous goods, sale of dry ice, dangerous goods pre-check, and a pick-up and delivery service. The transport and storage of dangerous goods is subject to strict legislation and regulation. Whether transport by air, road, rail or sea, the B2B Logistics specialists offer solutions and answers to logistics issues related to the transport and storage of dangerous goods. In case of specific dangerous goods, such as explosives (Class 1) and radioactive material (Class 7), extra rules apply on top of the usual legislation and regulation, such as the WECG (Dutch Law on Explosives for Civilian Use) and Kernenergiewet (Dutch Law on Nuclear Energy). All of this is to ensure safe and secure transport and storage of dangerous goods. Questions about import, export, transport and storage of these shipments are complex and should be dealt with expertly. B2B Logistics is the right specialist for the job, both for advice on or facilitating your dangerous goods shipment. For more information about our dangerous goods services, please contact us by e-mail without obligation.  
  Every day, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of dangerous goods are transported in the Netherlands by water, rail, road and air. It goes without saying that this happens in a safe and regulated manner. ICAO and IATA are international organisations who issue regulations on the transport of dangerous goods by air. Think, for instance, of guidelines and rules on (type of) packaging, brands, labelling and the required accompanying documents of dangerous goods being transported. There is also a permit system in place with regard to transport by air in the Netherlands. This means that not only do you have to comply with the rules and regulations of the ICAO and IATA mentioned above, but you also have to hold a permit issued by the director-general of the Department of Aviation and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The type of permit you need depends on the nature of your activities: A consignors B air-freight agents C ground handling companies D airlines E specialist companies.
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© all rights reserved by B2B Logistics 2016  B2B Logistics provides its national transport services in accordance with the Algemene Vervoerscondities 2002 (AVC, Transport Terms and Conditions 2002), latest version. For international transport, the CMR treaty also applies. In addition, the Algemene Voorwaarden voor Koeriersdiensten (AVK, General Terms and Conditions for Courier Services) also apply to all transport.