© all rights reserved by B2B Logistics 2014  B2B Logistics provides its national transport services in accordance with the Algemene Vervoerscondities 2002 (AVC, Transport Terms and Conditions 2002), latest version. For international transport, the CMR treaty also applies. In addition, the Algemene Voorwaarden voor Koeriersdiensten (AVK, General Terms and Conditions for Courier Services) also apply to all transport.
A to B services
Do you have a daily or weekly distribution route and are you looking for extra support for your daily distribution network? B2B Logistics can arrange this for you. If you wish, B2B Logistics will provide a driver (with or without vehicle) to do your runs or drive your routes during busy periods or to cover for employees on sick leave/holiday. Our drivers show total commitment, as if they were your own employees, and are very flexible. When they are working for you, they are simply ambassadors for your company. (Depending on the agreed contract, there is an option for your distribution work to be carried out in neutral vehicles or in vehicles which fully reflect your corporate identity.) Do you have to transport goods or documents between your sites on a daily basis or according to a fixed schedule? B2B Logistics has an extensive network which allows us to charge very competitive prices for any fixed shuttle route.      This service consists of a regular courier driving your shipments back and forth between addresses. Do you have shipments which have to be delivered or picked up (daily) according to a fixed schedule? If so, our Milk-run Service is perfect for you. This service is offered at an agreed price so you always know exactly where you stand.   The courier services of B2B Logistics are mostly aimed at delivering documents and parcels. If you wish to have alternative goods delivered (dangerous goods, for instance), please contact us to discuss the available options.
Fixed routes
Distribution services
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Milkrun / round trips
B2B Logistics is also your logistics partner for fixed runs/routes
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