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Same day, next day, just-in-time, delivery by a specific time or simply the cheapest option? Everything is possible at B2B Logistics. For your international express and economy shipments, B2B Logistics collaborates with big international players such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT. In addition, we also know the ‘local heroes’, who offer exactly what you need for your shipment to specific destinations. By bringing in the right party at the right time, we ensure that every shipment is delivered to its destination on time with the utmost care. If your shipment is less urgent, then you can, of course, take advantage of a suitable economy option. With such a wide range of options available, you maintain a full overview of every individual shipment at all times. Air freight offers many options and at B2B Logistics, we really know our way around this international world. You can count on personal attention from our operators, supported by a tracking system which continuously monitors the status of every shipment in detail. Without a doubt, B2B Logistics is your perfect partner to handle both your incoming and outgoing air-freight shipments. Whether you urgently require a single part from Asia or a full charter to get your goods to Africa on time, we will arrange everything for you.
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All logistics service providers have their particular strengths and/or area of expertise. For example, one may be more at home in Asia, while another may be more at home in Europe, Africa or the U.S. One may perform better in a certain type of service while another may offer greater flexibility or a more favourable price ratio. In short: which party offers the best solution for you? With B2B Logistics you always have direct insight into the best solution. You can take advantage of our purchasing power but we may also work on your account. Our independent position and flexibility in selecting the right partner is your guarantee of continuity in your transport.  
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B2B Logistics, your logistics partner Working with B2B Logistics relieves you of having to make many of those inconvenient decisions. Like having to call a courier service, international parcel service, transport operator, shipping company or air-freight specialist. B2B Logistics takes care of everything for you, always offering you the best solution for your shipment, destination, time scale, and at the best price. Whatever your transport need, B2B Logistics is your perfect partner. Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL) or project loads with use of special equipment.   From air-freight shipment to exclusive charter, NFO (Next Flight Out) or, if need be, with personal accompaniment of an OBC (On Board Courier). Groupage shipments, pallet shipments or full-trailer loads, express shipments, special project loads, round-trip shipments etc.
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© all rights reserved by B2B Logistics 2016  B2B Logistics provides its national transport services in accordance with the Algemene Vervoerscondities 2002 (AVC, Transport Terms and Conditions 2002), latest version. For international transport, the CMR treaty also applies. In addition, the Algemene Voorwaarden voor Koeriersdiensten (AVK, General Terms and Conditions for Courier Services) also apply to all transport.